Employer services

Finland offers free employer services for both prospective entrepreneurs and more established businesses.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is responsible for public emplyer services. The Ministry operates through TE Offices, which are located throughout Finland. These offices serve both employers and jobseekers.

As with most public services in Finland, visiting an office is rarely necessary, as most functions are available online.

Reporting a vacancy

An employer that has a cooperation agreement with the TE Office is assigned an employer ID. This allows you to report vacancies directly through e-services.

Alternatively, a job opening can be reported by calling the office or using an online form, after which the office will contact you.

All job advertisements on TE Services follow a standard format and should include the following information:

  • name of the company and the employer
  • job title and description
  • skills required
  • educational requirements
  • working hours
  • start date and duration of the employment relationship
  • location of the workplace
  • salary (often written as negotiable, or ”according to TES”, referring to applicable collective agreement)
  • contact information, email is often preferred by both jobseekers and employers

There are several popular private job posting boards. Some of the more well known are:

  • työpaikat.oikotie.fi
  • monster.fi
  • duunitori.fi