Come to Finland!

Finland shines in international rankings

Finns have a reputation for humility but we certainly pride in being recognized internationally. And not just in ice hockey or racing…

Here is a selection of rankings from recent years:

  • United Nations, World Happiness Report: 1st, second year in a row
  • Transparency International, Corruption Perceptions Index: 3rd least corrupt
  • Reporters Without Borders, Press Freedom Index: 2nd most free
  • The Fund For Peace, Fragile States Index: 178th of 178 countries (least fragile)
  • Freedom House, Freedom score: 1st
  • PISA 2018: 6th in science, 7th in reading
  • The country with least organized crime: The Global Competitiveness Report 2018: Organized crime
  • World Economic Forum Tourism competitiveness: 1st in Safety and security
  • Legatum Prosperity Index: 5th overall, 2nd in governance and natural environment

Overall, these rankings reflect a stable, safe and happy environment, not just for natives but international business as well.

Stay connected

While Finland might seem far away on your maps app, the country is well connected to economic centers of the world. Located on the Great Circle Route, Helsinki Airport has become a hub for flights between East Asia and Europe.

The connectedness is even better online. The country Nokia has become a leader in 5G implementation, and fiber optic networks increasincly reach even the remoter places. (If you are in Finland, you can test your internet speed here.) Data prices are among the lowest in the world, with the average cost of 1GB of mobile data being just $1,16 in 2019. (vs. $12,37 in the US).