Come to Finland!

Finland shines in international rankings

Finns have a reputation for humility but we certainly pride in being recognized internationally. And not just in ice hockey or racing…

Here is a selection of rankings from recent years:

  • United Nations, World Happiness Report: 1st, second year in a row
  • Transparency International, Corruption Perceptions Index: 3rd least corrupt
  • Reporters Without Borders, Press Freedom Index: 2nd most free
  • The Fund For Peace, Fragile States Index: 178th of 178 countries (least fragile)
  • Freedom House, Freedom score: 1st
  • PISA 2018: 6th in science, 7th in reading
  • The country with least organized crime: The Global Competitiveness Report 2018: Organized crime
  • World Economic Forum Tourism competitiveness: 1st in Safety and security
  • Legatum Prosperity Index: 5th overall, 2nd in governance and natural environment

Overall, these rankings reflect a stable, safe and happy environment, not just for natives but international business as well.