Wistec Training is looking for talents

Wistec Training is a Finnish training company of ICT software for end-users in different organizations. In their e-learning portal there are about 800 short (1-5 min each) video clips, in English at the moment (Total length of all videos is 44 hours). For example in Excel basics course has 80 video clips. All the courses are about Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Office 365 services in basic and advanced levels).

Wistec is looking for one or more persons of translating these videos from English to other languages. We are planning both subtitling and also ”dubbing” the videos (in many countries dubbing is a must). From English to Swedish, English, to German, to Polish but also to other languages, such as Spanish, Croatian, Serbian would be in order. If they find a suitable persons to work with them, thei target is to have translations for approximately 10 languages during next year or so.

The work is very flexible. One can work 1 hour at the time or continuously.  It suits perfectly to students, for example. Also working place is upon to each person. Wistec offers workspaces in their premises, in Ruoholahti, but also distance work is ok. What Wistec practically just need is good understanding from English to one´s own language and some skills about MS Office software, so one can understand the terms in Excel, for example.

Wistec is ready to negotiate the suitable salary for each person.

Please find the sample videos from the links below as well as the script-models.
Wistec Online – introduction video
– Wistec Online_Presentation
Sample videos
– PowerTools – Enabling PowerPivot_Script
– PowerTools – What is PowerPivot_Script

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact CEO Juha Huhtanen. First via email, and he promises to answer on the next working day. Afterwards interviews for some persons will be arranged.

The start of work can be from 15.11.2017 onwards, but also later. Please inform CEO Juha Huhtanen about your schedule.

Contact information

Juha Huhtanen
CEO, Partner
Tel +358 50 567 8994 | Switch +358 30 670 5321
juha.huhtanen@wistec.fi | www.wistec.fi