Tax authority that collects the majority of the Finnish taxes and tax-like charges in order the Finnish society to function properly. Services for individual taxpayers and for corporate taxpayers.

Taxation of a foreign employee depends on, among other things, the duration of stay and the tax residency of the employer. Also to certain professions and types of work are applied special tax rules.

  • Tax service for specific International tax situations gives for individuals, students, workers and professional employees in taxation questions when moving to Finland for work and in questions regarding income from sources outside Finland.
  • In Finnish and in English 029 497 024 (from outside Finland +358 29 497 024), service hours on weekdays 9.00 –16.15
  • General information about taxation in Finland 029 497 050 (from outside Finland +358 29 497 050), service hours on weekdays 9.00 –16.15