Hunt for Finnish labour market know-how and the best coffee shop in town

Words by Alice Tien Tran

I had an exciting start with EntryPoint mentoring program with clear and ambitious goals to get to know the working culture as well as the labour market for international talents in Finland.

EntryPoint mentoring program was developed as a two-way learning method.

EntryPoint participants visited YIT in November 2017.

Therefore, my journey could not start without my mentor, Tiina Holappa. Tiina is working at Human Resources department at YIT. She has excellent knowledge about job market and the recruitment process in Finland. Tiina participated in the EntryPoint program in 2016 as a mentor and she was really impressed with it. This year, I am so fortunate to go on my journey with her.

We have had 5 meetings in total since October 2017 with a wide range of topics touching Finnish labour market. Among other things, we have discussed about the working culture. Tiina started her career in Poland so she is familiar with the differences between Finnish working environment and outside Finland as well. Meanwhile I can share my experiences of working culture in Vietnam and the “culture shock” I had when doing projects and internship  in Finland. Additionally, I got such great help from Tiina on polishing my job application, interview skills and improving LinkedIn profile. She also gave me some tips on how to stand out from few hundred other applications. We even did a mock interview so Tiina helped me not only with the answers for some of the most common interview questions but also with my body language and attitude.

Beside the necessary know-how on how to enter the labour market, we also discussed about our potential career paths and dream jobs. As a soon-graduate student, I am constantly puzzled about my dream job and keep questioning if such a thing even exists. Hence, I cannot wait for our next meeting to draw my career path (yes, we will literally draw) and discuss how to adapt when it changes.

More than meeting as a mentor and mentee, Tiina and I have built a cooperation and friendship based on open-minded and supportive mindset. Therefore, I have always been feeling so comfortable to share my stories, my concerns and dreams with her. Not to mention, my exciting journey with EntryPoint mentoring program has also turned into “finding the best coffee shop in Helsinki which is open until 7pm” mission with Tiina. We so adore the Goodio coffee shop with a green cosy interior design and excellent selection of healthy plant-based foods, but the winner of this mission is still under consideration.


About author:
Alice Tien Tran is a last year student who is hungry to learn and gain more experiences in event management and marketing.