Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce and Itim International Oy announce a program cooperation

The Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce was granted an EU subsidy to help establish the International House of Helsinki under the multi-partner undertaking called “At Work in Finland”. Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce’s project, named the Chamber of Multicultural Enterprises (COME), is aimed at enabling businesses and potential employees to smoothen the path to the employment of foreigners in the wider Helsinki Region.

As a part of COME project a Best Multicultural Company Award will be organized in 2017. Itim International, headquartered in Helsinki, and with over 30 years of expertise in intercultural management and organizational culture, has been selected as an expert partner for the Award.

Itim International´s expertise is to help organisations visualize to which extent their culture is able to keep recruited foreign talent. Individuals will be assisted under the COME mentor program where experienced mentors will coach talents with regards to Finnish working practices.

The project runs during the period March 2016-August 2018.

More information on itim International can be found at