EntryPoint Mentoring Programme off to a good start

Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce’s COME-project’s EntryPoint Mentoring Programme got a good start in October’s kick off meeting. The Programme aims in enhancing interaction and communication between professionals and international students or recent graduates in Finland.

-EntryPoint Mentoring Programme’s goal is to offer both mentors and mentees an opportunity to expand their networks and develop their cross-cultural competencies, Shania Shin, COME’s Mentoring Programme Officer tells.

EntryPoint Mentoring Programme, coordinated by COME, is one of Finland’s largest mentoring programs: there are altogether 46 mentor-mentee pairs in the first mentoring period. One period lasts six months, during which mentors and mentees meet three times in collective meetings. In addition, each pair meets privately according to their own wishes. The programme also includes company visits and thematic group meetings.

Mentoring challenges participants

Mentoring is a two-way process that can offer both parties a valuable path to learning and sharing. Mentoring is based on mutual interaction, in which professionally more experienced mentor shares his or her experience and directs and assists in the professional development of a mentee.

EntryPoint mentors are professionals with long experience in Finnish working life who are willing and eager to share their experiences and give advice to international talents living in Finland.

-EntryPoint offers professionals and companies an opportunity to develop their multicultural communication and management skills. It’s also an excellent chance to get first-hand experience in working and acting with people coming from different working cultures, tells Shin.

EntryPoint mentees are international degree students or recent graduates from higher education institutions in the Helsinki Metropolitan area.

-Mentees will get important and valuable information and advice on Finnish working life; what are the requirements, what is essential to know, and what are Finnish employers’ expectations of international talents. Programme is also a great opportunity, not only to mentees but to mentors as well, to expand networks and get new connections, stresses Shin.

Employer partners have a crucial role

COME aims in making EntryPoint Mentoring Programme a continuing programme bringing together employers and international talents in Finland. A crucial role in guaranteeing the continuation of the programme after COME’s project period is played by employer partners who have committed to the mentoring programme in long term.

Employer partners will provide mentors from their organization to each mentoring period. Participating to the programme as employer partner organizations have an opportunity to learn about multicultural workforce and increase multicultural knowledge inside their organization. In addition, EntryPoint provides employer partners with experience in multicultural management and communication, and give insight on international recruits. Employer partners and mentors are not under obligation to offer employment or internships to mentees.

Employer partners for the first mentoring period are OP Group, Kone and Skanska who have sent altogether 13 mentors to the programme.

The application period for next mentoring period will open in Spring 2017.