COME comes to an end

Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce’s COME Project (Chamber of Multicultural Enterprises) started in March 2016 as a part of At Work in Finland Project. In a close partnership with City of Helsinki, City of Espoo, City of Vantaa, Central Organization of Finnish Trade Unions (SAK) and Moniheli Network of Multicultural Associations and Finnish labour administration supported by Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council and European Social Fund, project’s aim was to bring together authorities, employers, professional networks and service providers that promote the integration and employment of immigrants and encourage companies’ in internationalization.

Without question, the most remarkable cooperation outcome was developing and starting International House Helsinki (IHH), a one-stop-shop to offer most of the information and public authority services for newly arrived international residents under the same roof. IHH is an exemplary proof of well-structured service concept between different public authorities that were willing to cooperate across administrational silos. As a part of cooperation, COME has proudly been providing counselling and advisory services for employers since IHH opening in December 2017. In the future, hopefully, IHH is being made a permanent national service speeding up integration processes and supporting integration of foreign origin labour, matching companies with needed skills and promoting Finland as an attractive country for companies, investors and talents.

In addition to supporting IHH service, COME aimed in enhancing companies’ ability and readiness to recruit international talents, cope with multicultural working environment and improving companies’ capabilities to succeed in international business environment. The main activities were related to developing and running EntryPoint Mentoring Programme for companies and talents, organizing national awareness campaign Successful Multicultural Company Award, having over two thousand participants in a various diversity, multicultural and internationalization related events, providing Intercultural Toolkit for companies and workplaces, and of course, helping companies navigate through work- and residence red tape jungle.

I am honoured to thank all our partners, associates and customers for a fruitful project period and express my huge appreciation to incredible COME-team, Anniina Kuuttinen, Shania Shin, Satu Salonen and Anette Laiho.

Project Director
Markku Lahtinen